My humane society tag said I was housetrained, but dad and mom don't know what they are doing! I want to go outside but they don't know my schedule.  After they had me for two days mom took me to see trainer lady. She told them I should go outside within half an hour of eating and I should eat twice a day. They also read I should "work" for my food and go for a walk before they feed me in the morning.  After a week they had it all figured out. Good for them!  

The vet lady told them I could sleep all night and they didn't have to wake me up. That works out cause I'm so tired in the night. I yawn and stretch in the morning so they know when I'm awake. During the day they take me out about every three hours.

Mom's international friends told her in many other countries it is considered rude to have us dogs "go" anywhere but at home if out on a short neighborhood walk.  So they picked a spot in the yard and are learning to say "go now".  I think they should get me a bell for the door too, but it is all working out o.k.

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