April 18. 2011
Wow, it is so exciting to meet a new family! I was at the Humane Society and had to stay in a kennel until big guy and mom took me home. Dad grew up with dogs but mom hasn't ever had a dog. Little girl (age 9) and big girl (age 11) were so excited to meet me! Little girl wanted a dog for two years and her people picked me. Yea! I licked her all over and she laughed. So my people brought me home and showed me their house. I was so excited I chased three cats, jumped on the couch, grabbed some fancy pillows, jumped up and down and peed on the floor. The people decided right away I needed a smaller space. They got some gates so now I can only go in the kitchen and the hall. They put my kennel in their bedroom the first night. I didn't know how to walk up the stairs so dad carried me.  I weigh 38 pounds but he didn't mind. They took me outside every couple of hours the first night. ZZZZzzzzzzzz

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