Last summer, I dug holes all over the yard. Mom couldn't even put flower pots on the step because I loved digging all the dirt out. But now that I am older (18 months), I'm not interested in digging holes anymore. Except to bury a chew, but I have a special place by a tree that that mom says is OK. She put bones in the mulch for me to find and I'm happy with that spot. So mom filled all the holes in the yard and put sod and garden hoops on top.  She put her flower pots out and I haven't messed with them at all! And she keeps raving about her gardens to the neighbors, because since they got my wireless fence and I can go all around the house, the deer have not visited her gardens. She gives me treats and says I'm the best deer repellent ever! 
No more digging holes
Rocky and the flower pots
We all love my wireless fence. I have so much room to zoom around and play and I follow my people all around the yard.  I don't mind putting on the beeper collar because I get to be off-leash when I wear it. One day I started to chase a chicken that was very close to my area, but as soon as it started beeping I ran back into the safe zone before I got a shock.  And mom forgot to take off my collar two times as she was rushing to the bus stop. The first time, it started to beep and she immediately jumped back into the safe zone and set the collar on the step. So yesterday as she was hustling us towards little sis's bus stop, I sat down and refused to move halfway across the driveway. I know what that collar is for! She turned around and thanked me over and over for reminding her she forgot to take it off when she put the leash on. I am Rocky the Wonderdog!
Oh boy, I'm a happy dog. I have figured out that the beep means step back and I don't have to be scared and run all the way to the house.  When the girls came home we had a blast running around and sledding on the hill. I even got to pee on some snowmen! (wink)  I am a pretty easy going guy; tell me the rules and I'm happy to follow them. I am not driven to test the fence edges and am figuring out where it is safe to play. There was a couple of big distractions today - a dog on the street and some people walking, but when I heard the beep I backed up and sat down. And I love being able to explore all around the gardens and house. I went out back with mom while she visited the chickens, but then I got to choose to go up front and play with the girls! Yippee!
Mom opens the door and I walk right out. I know my potty area is safe and it sure is nice not having the cable. It often got tangled on the gutter and frozen chunks of ice.  So we played chase by the stakes several more times today. Mom would turn and go different directions, but I always caught her because I'm much faster. One time she walked around with a can of cheese that trainer Lynnda had given her and I trotted right beside her. I love cheese! But then, the can of cheese made a pfttt sound and I thought it was that shock thing, so I ran up to the house.  I didn't want anything to do with that cheese can after that. Mom shared some very yummy cookies and a tube of peanut butter for the next couple of tours around the stakes. There is one area of the yard that I am still very nervous about, so mom and dad are going to add a couple more stakes to help me learn. When the girls came home we played fetch, chase-tag and I got to run by their sleds on the hill. They loved running and playing with me!  I crashed right after dinner and slept the rest of the day. I sure have a lot to think about!
Mom and dad pounded a bunch of surveyor stakes in a big circle all around the house on Saturday. On Sunday, mom played a game with me where we walked to the stakes and when I heard a beep, she clicked as we jumped back towards the house and I got a treat. She played this game five different times all the way around the yard. By the third time, I pretty much understood beep means jump towards the house. On Monday, she took me out towards the stakes with a 16 foot leash on, but she let me wander past and I was so excited exploring that I ignored the beeping. She told dad it was on the mildest level of shock and they needed to move it to medium. I didn't  know what they were talking about. A little later mom took me out again. This time, when the beeping continued I got a startling shock and ran towards the house. I sat on the step for a very long time before I let mom lead me back towards the stakes. She had some extra yummy treats and she convinced me to run around the whole yard a foot or so inside the stakes. She told dad she turned down the shock level to medium/low and practiced running  around the boundary with me four more times over the afternoon. Twice I heard a warning beep and immediately ran all the way up to the house. I sure didn't want to get shocked again!  My old tie out areas are all inside the stakes but I am very hesitant about exploring the boundaries. When mom went to take care of her chickens I didn't leave the backyard patio. She sprinkled some kibble around and I came out to eat it, but then went right back to the patio. I even saw some dogs and some people out front but didn't want to venture out to the edge of  the yard. It is really fun to play chase though - when I was on a cable it wasn't safe  and I wasn't allowed to run with my people. I also liked exploring  the mousy smells along side the house. Right now I think it is safe when mom is walking with me. I wonder what will happen tomorrow!