The vet took the stitches out this morning, however, he said I still need to take it easy and not jump around for a couple of days. Mom WAS going to take me to the dog park but doesn't want to risk an injury to my healing skin. Yesterday, mom put me out on my 30 foot tie-out for the first time since the surgery! I was so happy to prance around and watch the leaves fall of the trees. The air smells interesting with hints of squirrel and fall. It had been two weeks since I got to play outside. Mom and dad commented on how the girls were able to be in my tie-out circle on their swings while I ran around and I didn't jump on them!  Big girl even played fetch with me for a long time.  

Mom took me to a trail for a walk since I couldn't go play with the other dogs today. I guess I was pulling on the leash 'cause mom kept stopping and made a picture in her mind of being a tree.  It was so distracting with all the leaves, birds, squirrels, bikers, joggers and other dog walkers and I have all this pent up energy!  I wanted to chase them all.  Well, maybe in my dreams. Woof.
The vet office called and told mom the tumor was a  Histocytoma, a benign tumor common in puppies. Everyone is relieved and I'm healing nicely. The stitches itch a bit but Mom is doing a good job of keeping me entertained with treats, belly rubs and lots of attention. I sooo want to go to the doggie park or play outside, but mom says one more week to go until the stitches are out.  She is taking me on a little longer walks now and I get to go to the bus stop again. I like it best when little girl comes home!
Mom took me to the vet this morning at 7:30. I wasn't happy about not having breakfast, but wagged my tail with excitement when she loaded me into the car. The vet people are very nice so I wasn't upset to go there either. At 10:30 they called mom and told her to come and get me. The surgery went well with a clean removal of the tumor. I have seven stitches but no bandage and NO CONE! I just have to wear a tee shirt for a while. The vet said I shouldn't eat until later today and I am not supposed to run around for two weeks. The only walks are to take me out to do my biz. Mom isn't sure what to do with my puppy energy, but they are very happy I am well. The biopsy results will be back in a few days.
A tee shirt to prevent me from biting the stitches.
Tumor removed and stitches in place.
I can't go to the park for two weeks!
Mom took me  back to the vet today because what they thought might be a cyst tripled in size over the last few days. The vet says it is either histiocytoma, a benign skin tumor, or Mast Cell  Tumor, a more serious condition. Either way, my vet wants it removed and biopsied.  I go in for surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. Mom is hoping it is the first, as it is common in young dogs and labs.  The estimate  of $438.00 made mom show her teeth (grimace) but she and dad promise to always take good care of me. They keep making a joke from a movie about me wearing a "cone of shame", but I don't know what they mean. Anyway, wish me luck!

sore two weeks ago
histiocytoma or mast cell tumor?
histiocytoma or mast cell tumor
Mom noticed I had a growth on my leg and made an appointment with the vet.  They said it was a sebaceous cyst and as long as it didn't burst it was not a problem.  I guess most dogs get them. Mom learned it is caused by a plugged sebum oil gland. The vet noticed I had a scratch there and that may have started the problem.  Mom and dad will keep an eye on it for me. The vet only charged us half of an office visit because she didn't have to do anything. Oh, and I grew again! I now weigh 58 pounds.
sebaceous cyst
Mom got out her calculator again. She is glad to see my costs are getting more balanced. She is learning to buy supplies in bulk, which costs more now but will save money in the long run. For example, the vet bill in June includes this season's worth of  Heart guard and Front line, and in August she ordered a 50 pack of bully sticks for $97.00. This price was on a sale with free shipping too!  

May 2011: vet bills $185.oo  pet supplies, nail trims and training $489.00
June 2011: vet bills $501.00  pet supplies and nail trims $261.oo
July 2011:  pet supplies, nail trims and training $343.00
August 2011:  vet bill $65.00 pet supplies, travel crate and nail trims $301.oo
These pesky tapeworms are so hard to get rid of! Mom thinks they might come from the squirrel fleas in the yard. I get heartguard and Frontline every month but here they are again. This is the third time in three months. So off to the vet on Monday!
Mom took out her calculator to access doggie costs today. Here is the breakdown:
May: vet bills $185.oo  pet supplies and training $489.00
June: vet bills $501.00  pet supplies $261.oo

Mom and dad discussed how some of these costs are one time purchases such as training, dog beds, leashes, puppy vaccinations and toys. She also bought a six pack of the frontline and heartworm medicine instead of buying it each month. At any rate, we dogs sure cost a lot!
My family noticed I had tapeworm again. Mom took me to Banfield Pet Hospital since our regular vet was closed. The people were very nice there and mom liked the vet, but we had to wait a long time. Mom stood firm and didn't let them talk her into a $35.00 stool analysis since she brought in the evidence and knew what it was from the last time. Because this is three weeks after the last event they think it is related. Tapeworms take about three weeks to grow to shedding size. So mom washed and cleaned everything again. My people noticed the signs much quicker and there are way less this time.  They sure love me a lot to spend $70.00 for a Saturday vet visit and meds!
I got sick today. Mom and dad got kinda worried. I whined and paced and slurped up tons of water. I stuck my whole nose in the water dish and swirled it around, which I had never done before.  I pulled my pillow out of my crate to let them know something was wrong. They looked up something called bloat and thought I needed to go to the vet. It is a human holiday today so they found an emergency vet to take me to.  They knew it would cost lots of money but said they knew I was worth it! I threw up while mom was driving and felt a little better. Then I pooped in the lobby of the vet office while she was filling out the paper work. The people there were so nice and kind. They weighed me and now I am 44 pounds. The vet lady asked lots of questions about what I might have eaten, like chocolate, candy, medicine, illegal substances, non-food items, etc. But my people are very careful about doggieproofing and none of that had happened. However, what they didn't know was I got into the closet where they store the doggie food and ate a hole in the bag. I guess I ate too much. The vet said I was not the body type that gets gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) bloat and that the internet scares people unnecessarily sometimes. She reassured mom that dogs throw up undigested food fairly often and was pretty confident what I had was overeating bloat.  So they decided I didn't need an x-ray and mom paid the $120.00 bill.  Mom took me home and I slept a lot. Now they are rationing my food and water.  Hmp!