My birthday is November 16 and I turned three!  Everyone gave me hugs and extra special peanut butter cookies. The whole family went to the dog park and played for a long time. Mom knows I am a lot calmer and have grown a lot this year. I do not play with the puppies as much as I used to, and am pretty much done running the fence with the little dogs on the small dog side. I prefer playing with dogs my age and size. Mom notices I plan out short cuts. Instead of following the dogs running large circles around the park I anticipate their path, wait and then cut them off halfway with a big belly bump. Score!
Other things mom notices is that I have more patience when schedules are delayed or changed. I wait patiently for breakfast on week-ends when everyone sleeps in. I accept some days I don't get to go to the park until afternoon or that we stop at a store before the park. Yep, I'm a good ole ' boy and everyone loves me.