Little sis put this rock star shirt on me and got dressed up as a princess who likes bunnies. We went out after dark for a walk around the neighborhood. She and big sis were laughing and having lots of fun collecting treats in their pumpkin basket. I like going out with them, but why didn't they give me any treats?!
Happy Halloween!
Mom put me out in the yard and within minutes she noticed I was playing with something. She ran out and grabbed my cable to see what I had. It was a bunny! Well, half a bunny. The head was there but not much else. Maybe that mink got the rest of it? Or our local fox or coyote?  She told me to drop it and I did. But then she put me in the house, bagged up the bunny head and threw it away. She gave me a treat, played with me and told me what a good dog I was. I guess. I think I'd rather play with the bunny some more. Woof!