There are new kittens in the house. They were in the guest room for three days and we played footsie under the door. Sometimes I got to sniff them through a baby gate. The girls are very excited and spent lots of time playing and reading with them. Little sis is very gentle with them. The other cats that live here avoid her because she thought they were stuffed animals and trapped them in boxes. After adopting and taking care of me, she learned that pets are alive and have needs different than hers. The first day mom let the kittens explore the house she had me on a leash. She told me to "leave that" when I sniffed them too much. By the second day I figured out my routine didn't change one bit. I pretty much ignore them, except when they try to play with my old toys. They are still mine after all, even if I don't play with them anymore! So now we all hang out together at nap time. 
Cats and dogs
I passed the AKC Good Canine Citizen test this week! Mom and trainer Lynnda are super proud of me. I am one month shy of two years old and have learned lots about how to behave and what people expect of me. Jumping up when I'm excited is still my weak point, but I am getting better all the time. I do best on a leash and if new people engage me calmly. My next goal is completing the training for public access service dog. I am getting close - we have been practicing and socializing in public spaces for over nine months now!
Mom takes me to the nine-acre park most mornings for a 30 - 40 minute run. Usually there are some dogs that like to play, but the weather turned cold and there are not as many dogs. I was able to run with a few dogs who were chasing balls and mom took me to the gated pond where I jumped in and out hoping to engage the ducks. Dang, they kept swimming away! On our way out, mom was walking towards the gate when a family with a boxer and an older dog was walking by. I wanted to play and danced around doing  my "ready" bow and "play with me" bark. The boxer didn't appreciate my invitation and pounced on me.  Mom thinks I need to learn better dog language when the other dog doesn't agree to play because I just kept jumping and asking. The boxer got upset and the parents had to pull us apart. The boxer was mad and answered me with bites and growls.  I quickly resorted to "I'm submissive" body language but the boxer was so mad it kept attacking me. I was so scared I was frozen while mom grabbed my collar and lead me to the gate. There was bloody saliva on me so mom checked me all over, but there were no apparent bites. Mom waited for the other parents to come out and asked if everything was ok since she had seen blood. They appreciated mom asking but retorted that I need better park manners. Many dogs there just want to walk with their owners while I want to run and engage play. Mom is concerned and says if I don't behave we may not be able to go there anymore. What? Chase that squirrel! Mail-carrier with treats! Street walking dog to engage! Chase that chipmunk! Send the black birds flying! Woo hoo! Oh, remind me, what did you say?