Trainer lady gave mom a recommendation a while back for a probotic and vitamin Supplement, so she has been trying it for about three weeks. Today, I got an awesome complement on my shiny, healthy fur coat. Mom explained I've been given Glanzen sprinkled on my food.  The product has very clear directions for dog weight and sprinkles on dry or wet food. Mom and dad appreciate how it doesn't smell, has helped me get regular and reduced my digestive problems. It is available for the same price with free shipping from either (an agility dog magazine and supply store) or (a vitamin shop).  Mom bought the 2# can for $29.00 and with four scoops a day has barely made a dent in it. Way to go, trainer lady! Mom loves you!
Each evening, Mom takes me for a walk right before she goes to her den upstairs. It has been getting dark earlier and earlier now.  This path has a light near the street. At first I woofed at my shadow, but I quickly figured out it does what I do. Mom thought it was very funny.
Woof! Who are you?
I'm a giraffe dog!
Mom noticed I had a growth on my leg and made an appointment with the vet.  They said it was a sebaceous cyst and as long as it didn't burst it was not a problem.  I guess most dogs get them. Mom learned it is caused by a plugged sebum oil gland. The vet noticed I had a scratch there and that may have started the problem.  Mom and dad will keep an eye on it for me. The vet only charged us half of an office visit because she didn't have to do anything. Oh, and I grew again! I now weigh 58 pounds.
sebaceous cyst
Mom got out her calculator again. She is glad to see my costs are getting more balanced. She is learning to buy supplies in bulk, which costs more now but will save money in the long run. For example, the vet bill in June includes this season's worth of  Heart guard and Front line, and in August she ordered a 50 pack of bully sticks for $97.00. This price was on a sale with free shipping too!  

May 2011: vet bills $185.oo  pet supplies, nail trims and training $489.00
June 2011: vet bills $501.00  pet supplies and nail trims $261.oo
July 2011:  pet supplies, nail trims and training $343.00
August 2011:  vet bill $65.00 pet supplies, travel crate and nail trims $301.oo
Little girl likes to play with me. Sometimes I get to pick the game and sometimes she decides what we play. Here I am riding in her wagon. She thinks we could be in a parade some day, but I'm really not all that crazy about this game. We went around the driveway a couple of times and then I jumped out.  Now lets go play fetch!
We are going for a ride!
I knew we were going somewhere when they packed the suitcases. We drove for a very long time so I took a nap. Everyone piled out of the car with hugs and kisses and then I met Grandma and Grandpa. I was very excited and jumped a little but I could tell these new people liked me. Mom kept me on a short leash while I checked out the whole house and then they hooked me on a long leash so I could keep an eye on everyone.
I'm hanging out chewing on a bully stick.
They all went out to eat while I took a nap in the travel crate. They brought it along because next time we will stay over night.  I like visiting.
Rocky and his favorite cuddle toy.
After about four hours mom and dad took me home - without the girls! I was kinda confused at how quiet it was back at home, but mom played with me and took me to parks to keep me busy.  The next week-end they packed the car again. 
I have my pillow and favorite toys. We are going somewhere!
We drove a long time and stopped at the very same gas station where I did my biz last week when we traveled this way. I recognized my spot and wasn't bothered by the trucks, RVs and all the new people with their cars.  When we arrived, I remembered Grandma and Grandpa and didn't jump so much. Mostly,  I was really happy to see my girls! Little girl hugged me and covered me in kisses. She missed me very much.  I came into their house and everyone said I was a very good dog. I didn't need to explore this time and just relaxed while tied to my long leash. Grandma feed me treats every time she went by so I didn't jump on her so much. Some aunts and uncles came and they hooked me to a short cable while they had a big dinner party. I like it here - they give me yummy chews all through the meal.  I was really tired because the people stayed up later than my usual bedtime so I went right to sleep.

The next day I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and barked because I wasn't sure where I was. Mom came right away and then I felt better. Little girl was there too! After breakfast the girls, mom, Grandma  and I went to the playground at mom's old elementary school and then we went for a drive. I got to meet a horse at uncle's farm!  It didn't pay much attention to me though.
Hi horse, do you want to play with me?
Uncle's farm
They put me on a 50 foot leash while the girls went to visit the barns and ride a pony.  I barked a little when they walked away without me, but then entertained myself by chasing the cats that teased me by staying just out of reach. Uncle and Auntie thought it was funny that I wasn't allowed to roam free, but mom explained I'm not very good at recall and would probably go on an adventure and get lost.  They said next year when I come I might be ready for an off leash visit.

We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house and had lunch. Then the car got packed with suitcases and Grandma gave me a pat and some good-bye treats.  We drove for a long time, but I was very relaxed.  I am really happy to have my girls back and have been keeping a good eye on little girl since we got home.