We've been going to the outdoor park this week now that the weather has cooled off to the low 70's in the morning. I start my excited "I know where we are" whine as we pull in to the parking lot, but mom opens the car hatch and makes me wait until she says go before I jump out of the car. She stops if I pull so I have to walk beside her. OK, no one is going to say it is a loose leash, but I am gaining self control and she can hold the leash with one hand instead of wrapping it around her back like when I was younger. She makes me sit at the gate while she takes my leash off and then she lets me go. Whee! There are many dogs to play with and the last few days mom and the girls have talked with the same families. Little sis catches grasshoppers and the people smile at her intense interest in bugs. After about 30 minutes my tongue hangs out and mom tells me we are going to go home soon. I just don't know how to pace myself like some of the other dogs, so mom calls me over and puts my leash on to walk out of the park. Some days we stop at the mall for a little public access training after the run and I mind my manners perfectly. A good run helps me focus and keeps me calm for the rest of the day!
Mom and the girls took me to a new library today. I understand I have to stay with little sis but I was a tiny bit anxious at first. This library is in a big warehouse and there are hissing noises in the exposed heating and cooling pipes up in the ceiling. Mom could tell I needed to check it out a bit so we walked around the entire children's area before she asked me to sit. Pretty quickly I got used to the noises and settled politely when the girls used the catalog station and looked for books. We stayed for about 40 minutes. At one point little sis needed to use the restroom. I sniffed the hand dryer with my nose and it started blowing hot air! I jumped back and everyone laughed. Boy, did I feel silly, but I sure didn't sniff anything else in there after that!
On the way home, mom pulled into a Burger King restaurant. They have gluten free french fries and mom decided to treat the girls. This is my second trip to a real restaurant. I sat quietly as they placed their order and while the girls got their drink and ketchup. We chose a table and I parked right under mom's feet. She fed me treats and kibble while the girls ate their fries. There was only one other group in the restaurant at a tall bar table about three feet away. At one point mom felt me move and in a split second I had snarfed a piece of food from under their table. They were up so high that group didn't even notice, but mom signaled me back and made me drop the french fry. Geez, it was on the floor after all, but mom told me I cannot ever do that in a restaurant. Not that I'm allowed to do that at home either, but there I am asked to stay on my rug. So she asked me to park under her feet again and I laid my head on my feet for the rest of the snack. On the way out we stopped in the restroom. I wanted to get a drink from the toilet but mom told me no. I whined to let her know I really needed a drink after all that kibble so she brought me over to the sink. She was scooping water in her hand and I lapped it up, but it wasn't very satisfying. She then asked me to put my paws up on the edge of the sink and I got a nice big drink out of the faucet. Good skill for being out and about. She rinsed and wiped the sink with a paper towel before we left, just so you know. ;)
The weather is super hot but I have so much energy I need to do something! Mom spent lots of time in the morning working on our training games, but I just could not relax. So mom and little sis took me along to the grocery store. That went pretty well. They brought the groceries home and then took me to the mall. Now that was fun! It was nice and cool inside as we walked through department stores and through the halls. We rode the elevator a couple of times. Then they stood in line at a Jamba Juice stand. I sat when asked and stayed in down position while they shared their snack. I got to taste some too - mom used the straw to put a bit on the plastic cover. Slurp, it tastes fruity and cool on my tongue. Little sis said she really likes going to the mall and spending time with me. On the way home we stopped at the library. By now I was focused and sitting immediately when mom stopped and looked at little sis to see what would happen next. They just have to keep me busy or else I end up jumping around like Bobby Van in "Small Town Girl."
You won't believe what mom and dad made for me! A giant dirt pile! A bunch of trucks and guys came and dug a huge trench in the yard. It was kinda scary at first, especially the big yellow thing with legs (backhoe), but pretty soon I got used to the noises. So they dug this giant ditch and then put all the dirt back in the yard. Little sis and I got to dig up rocks and play king of the hill when they were done. Next, they started digging up the street, but I didn't get to play there because my wireless fence doesn't let me go that far. I already buried a bunch of bones in the dirt. The workers told mom to water it for a month or so and then they will come back and seed it. Oh boy, mud! Grass seed! New holes to dig! :)
Sewer work in my yard
Sewer repair in the yard. Rocky smells rocks, roots and all sorts of interesting things!
Sewer repair. I'm burying my bones in this nice dirt pile!
Sewer repair. Rocky the Wonderdog keeps an eye on things.
Now that school is out I go to training on Sunday. The new dogs get me all excited but I have to work before I get to play. All the dogs practice working with distraction and chilling on a mat while we take turns on our training skills. We practice stepping through a ladder, heeling as we go around cones, backing up, and my favorite, playing for a minute or two and then coming when called.  I'm getting pretty good at it too! Some days we practice coming when called in the store isles and I practice meeting people without jumping up. Trainer Lynnda wants me to pay more attention to mom's body language. Mom "helps" me too much by calling my name at doorways and such, so this week she stops and waits silently until I look at her. I'm getting better already!