Mom and little girl take me to training every Saturday. I get so excited when I see trainer lady. This week she had me practice walking through a ladder and learning how to watch mom's hand as she guides me to sit right next to her right side. At the end we worked on "find little girl" out in the store. I found her around the corner next to the kennels and got a very big treat. After training I came home and take a nice long nap. ZZZzzzzz
These pesky tapeworms are so hard to get rid of! Mom thinks they might come from the squirrel fleas in the yard. I get heartguard and Frontline every month but here they are again. This is the third time in three months. So off to the vet on Monday!
I have lived with my family three months now and am celebrating my eighth month birthday! Trainer lady says my family is doing a great job meeting my social, emotional, and physical needs. Mom felt really happy hearing that, especially since she is still gaining confidence with a rambunctious dog like me.  Why, just this week, I meet three new people without jumping on them! I wanted to jump, but just bowed and wiggled instead. Everyone is proud of me.  Here I am practicing training lady's new trick, how to step up and twirl on a platform. This helps me learn about my body in space.  Interestingly,  mom and dad talked about  how little girl has the same issue.
Mom loves trainer lady. She is helping us all learn so many things. This week trainer lady taught me about tunnel hoops. I was pretty nervous at first, but she lets me investigate and  learn at my own pace. Trainer lady has the yummiest treats!  I totally trust her and she thinks I'm smart. So the first trick is to put my feet into the hoop. 
Rocky learns about the agility tunnel
Mom got to bring the tunnel home to help me practice. Trainer lady taught me to walk through  the closed vertical tunnel at class. She worked patiently because at first I would only go through one way, but trainer lady slowly turned the angle a little at a time.  The next day mom repeated all the same steps and recognized I understood! She opened the tunnel and I dove through it. Look at me go! 
We were taking a walk and met a lab down the way. That dog had the neatest trick! Little girl asked if she could pet him and the owner said yes, suggesting she throw a tennis ball. The lab ran up and grabbed it right out of the air! Little girl played for a long time while I watched with mom. So when we got home, I tried it too, but I couldn't figure it out. They are going to ask trainer lady about it. The ball bounces right out of my mouth. Maybe when my teeth come I will be able to do this trick. It sure looks like fun!
Me and my favorite toy
My people think it is funny when my leg shakes and I woof when I dream. I was happily chasing a squirrel right up a tree. We dogs have dreams during REM sleep, just like people do. About 20 minutes after I fall asleep my eyes start moving and I process all the events of the day. Dreams help me remember the new tricks they taught me too.  So do you think I caught that squirrel? 
Rocky at 7 1/2 months
Oh boy, this was easy. I understood after three tries that they want me to put my paw in their hand. I can't believe this makes them so excited! One thing my people need to remember is that my feet slip on the kitchen floor so I need to be sitting on a rug.  
It sure is hot out - 98 degrees. But I don't mind because Mom got me this giant water bowl, big enough to jump and play in.  I love it!
My new water bowl.
The girls like it too. And I like to drink from their water guns. Summer time fun! 
More, More!