Mom went to an introduction to Delta service dog training. She says there were lots of dogs and people there. The trainer talked about different levels of service animal training. Delta is the highest level with 20 different points in the test including behaviors around medical equipment. Delta dogs usually go out in teams with their owners and visit hospitals and nursing homes. They have to be at least two years old and pass the Good Canine Citizen test first. Mom thought one of the most interesting points was that the dogs have to want to do this and should be able to decide if they enjoy this kind of work. She isn't sure we need to take this type of training since little girl and mom want to visit senior centers or schools.  They plan to train for the Service Dog Public Access Test so I can go anywhere little girl goes when she is bigger. Right now as a puppy my job is to visit all different kinds of places and meet all kinds of people. Everyone notices how friendly and well adjusted I am and wants to pet me. I am getting better at not jumping on people already!
My family noticed I had tapeworm again. Mom took me to Banfield Pet Hospital since our regular vet was closed. The people were very nice there and mom liked the vet, but we had to wait a long time. Mom stood firm and didn't let them talk her into a $35.00 stool analysis since she brought in the evidence and knew what it was from the last time. Because this is three weeks after the last event they think it is related. Tapeworms take about three weeks to grow to shedding size. So mom washed and cleaned everything again. My people noticed the signs much quicker and there are way less this time.  They sure love me a lot to spend $70.00 for a Saturday vet visit and meds!
That's me, jumping up on the red shirt guy.
I got to go to camp! Mom took me to camp bow wow and I met a bunch of new friends. For six hours I ran and played with other dogs. They have ramps and tunnels to hide and play on. The people are very nice and make sure no one plays too rough. I went outside and inside whenever I wanted. Mom got to check in on me right from home on a web cam.  She was worried I might feel abandoned, but seriously, I was having so much fun I didn't even think about going home. I sure was tired when they came to get me. I heard her tell the guy they want me to come a couple of times a month to get socialized with other dogs. How fun is that! My paws are a bit sore so they won't let me stay as long next time, but promised that I could go again soon.
Trainer lady talks about making sure I get time to be a dog. She says walks down the street exercise  the people but dogs prefer to explore, sniff and look around and I need this to get socialized. So she wants mom to take me to parks on a long leash and let me check things out at my own pace. Mom has taken me to five different parks and I wander in circles, find out who else has been there, taste a few plants and stuff (they actually don't taste good so I spit them out) and she follows me with a big orange rope. She doesn't make me do anything while I explore the world.  Yea! I love being a dog!
Trainer lady asked little girl to think of some fun tricks to teach me. She wants to teach me to paint and to dance. Trainer lady thought painting might be kinda hard because if the brush is in my mouth I cannot see what I am doing. She knew of dogs that did paw painting, but little girl insists I can learn. Trainer lady told little girl that everything she wanted to teach me she had to do herself first. 

They did agree I could learn to dance. Trainer lady taught me to put my front paws on a box. They think I am super smart because I learned this trick in less than 10 tries. Another day they will teach me to move by back legs in a circle around the box.  Trainer lady asked little girl to think of some good music for dancing. She immediately said "Who let the dogs out". Trainer lady and mom laughed and told her maybe that wouldn't be the right choice as the barking might make me excited. 

Mom practiced having me put my paws on a box at home and I knew what to do! Mom has me put my feet on the box and I get a treat. Then she tosses a kibble a few feet away. Then she calls me to the box again. After five perfect times she gave me an extra yummy chewy treat.