Little girl loves me. Everyday she tells me how happy she is that I am her pal.  I'm seven months old now and understand not to jump or pull on little girl's clothes even when I'm excited. She likes to hang out with me when I'm relaxing. She knows human hugs make me feel trapped and lets me decide how close to be.  I'm the luckiest dog in the world.
I went to a festival and walked in a parade today! There were lots of kids in costumes and riding on bikes. We walked at the end because little girl and I don't like to feel crowded. The kids and babies were very cute and mom says my manners were perfect, but I really wished I could play with the  other dogs. Mom gave me a treat every time I walked past them without lunging. The parade was lead by our city's very first fire engine and ended at a historic house. Here I am getting my picture taken:
Rocky at the festival
Little girl and big girl played old fashioned games, did some crafts and made bubbles. One time Mom said to big girl "where is little girl?" I perked right up and helped look for her. I know my job! She was behind a tree.

Mom wanted to listen to the old fashioned medicine band show, but I got really scared by the funny horns and whistles. Mom thinks next time I won't be so scared and this was a very good first experience. We went back to the tents and here I am showing little girl how to use a fire extingquisher.  I was ready to come home and take a nap! ZZZZzzzzzz

We are putting out a fire with a lazer light extinguisher. Little girl wants to go next.
Mom took out her calculator to access doggie costs today. Here is the breakdown:
May: vet bills $185.oo  pet supplies and training $489.00
June: vet bills $501.00  pet supplies $261.oo

Mom and dad discussed how some of these costs are one time purchases such as training, dog beds, leashes, puppy vaccinations and toys. She also bought a six pack of the frontline and heartworm medicine instead of buying it each month. At any rate, we dogs sure cost a lot!
Little girl told trainer lady she wanted me to learn to play piano. Since my claws might scratch a real piano we are starting with a toy piano. They brought one to training on Saturday. Trainer lady suggested it would be easier for me to use my nose, but little girl insisted I use my paw. Look how well I'm doing already! Mom is going to fix it  so the piano doesn't slide around and little girl will teach me some tunes. Let's jam!
I try so hard to talk to my people but they don't understand. I was barking to go out, barking to go in, out, in. Sigh. Mom was getting frustrated. She knew I had chewed on a bully stick and ran around the yard and house with some toys. But I needed more. She finally got the message when she reached for my collar and I gave a big old air chomp. Then I picked up a stick and looked at her. Ah-ha moment! She went and got a brand new bone out of the freezer for me. Thanks, mom! 
So Mr. Marbles the cat chased a mouse under my crate. Mom heard me scratching at the tray on the bottom of my crate starting about 5:00 a.m. She thought it was unusual but shut her door and went back to sleep. When she came down to let me out she found Mr. Marbles right outside my crate playing with a toy mouse. She got busy taking me out for my morning walk and little girl fed me. Meanwhile, Mr. Marbles went into my crate and sat on the spot where I was pawing. Mom decided to investigate and found a squished mouse right under that spot! Mr. Marbles and I kept coming back to try and dig until She and dad lifted up the crate up to show us that the mouse was gone. Rocky the wonderdog aka assistant mouse catcher!
It is very hot and sunny today. Because I am a black haired puppy I get tired out quickly in the heat. Mom brought me some ice cubes and put them in my water dish. I love them! They are crunchy and chewy and fun to play with. The ice cubes melt pretty fast but I'm only outside for about 20 minutes at a time anyway. I'd love to chew on ice cubes inside but mom gets obsessed with cleaning up my drool and such. She stands by and wipes my jowly mouth when I drink from my water bowl or the toilet. I love her anyway - she brings me food! Woof!
bully sticks
Mom ordered some bully sticks on-line. My tail is wagging! Our local chain pet stores sell one bully stick for $6.00 to $8.00 apiece. Menards, a midwest home improvement store, sells a package of two for $4.95. But mom, a savvy internet shopper, found a source for US, grass fed beef bully sticks. Yum! And look how much bigger they are than the Menards ones that originate from Brazil!  She noticed they smell more (not that I mind), but my folks only gave them to me outdoors anyway. I have to have something to chew after I eat my breakfast. Mom says they are more digestible than rawhide and won't cause problems for my tummy. The bully sticks I've had last about three days and always makes me one happy pup. She got them from All Natural Bully With shipping, 25 bully sticks cost $2.57 each delivered to our door. She ordered them on Friday and they arrived on Monday. How cool is that!
Mom got me a really cool backpack to wear. She says I can carry my own water bottle and leashes when we go out to the parks. I feel pretty important when I wear my pack and like having a job to do. Look at how handsome I am!
Oh yea, that thing goes round and round and feels so soft! Need I say more?