Mom and I take the girls to the bus stop in the morning and then we go on a walk. Mom likes to go different directions, but we have about five routes that are one to two miles long. One day this week, she asked me which way I wanted to go. She pointed with her body and eyes both directions and then said "show me". I knew right away which one I wanted and trotted off towards the neighborhood with the lake. I like it when I get to choose and I'm glad mom knows how to ask! 
Mom and I went walking at the mall. Some days I'm kind of distracted, but today I was perfectly attentive to mom's movements. She even went into a clothes store and had me lay down a couple of times as she looked at stuff. I don't mind a bit as long as she positions me so I can see down the isle. Mom learned long ago I don't like my rear towards the isle and my face to a wall.  When we were in an empty hallways she practiced turning tight circles left and right. And we practiced backing up. In the middle of the hall I went sideways instead of backwards, so she went by the wall to keep me in position. I did one step back every time she gave the command. I'm a pretty smart pup!
Last summer, I dug holes all over the yard. Mom couldn't even put flower pots on the step because I loved digging all the dirt out. But now that I am older (18 months), I'm not interested in digging holes anymore. Except to bury a chew, but I have a special place by a tree that that mom says is OK. She put bones in the mulch for me to find and I'm happy with that spot. So mom filled all the holes in the yard and put sod and garden hoops on top.  She put her flower pots out and I haven't messed with them at all! And she keeps raving about her gardens to the neighbors, because since they got my wireless fence and I can go all around the house, the deer have not visited her gardens. She gives me treats and says I'm the best deer repellent ever! 
No more digging holes
Rocky and the flower pots
Mom has been working hard to help me understand how to come and stand with my shoulder by her right and left side. She chose "heel" for the left and "side" for the right. She practices in the house and gives me a yummy treat when I get it right. She is helping with a visual flat hand for me to tap with my nose. :)
One day this week when we went to the home store, I was trotting ahead a bit so my tail was at her side. She didn't like that because I could get my paws pinched when she turned corners with the cart. Since the store wasn't very busy, we went to a big open area and practiced figure eights and loops with lots of turns. Very quickly I got the message to stay right at her side. She took me to a Walgreens store for the first time after the home store. The clerks all think I am a very good dog.
I finally learned to jump into the back of mom's car! Mom and trainer Lynnda tried for months to get me to jump in, but I was afraid. Mom and dad had to lift me in for over a year.  Watch me now!