Mom and I have been practicing a new move this week. She wants me to sit at her side when she stops. Trainer Lynnda taught her to take a half step and then bring the other foot parallel with a gentle stomp. We've been practicing in the house, yard and on the way to the bus stop. Out on a walk is the hardest because there is so much to look at. Yesterday we went to a store and practiced with a shopping cart. Mom got a deli sample of cheese and meat - boy oh boy was that a tasty treat! She had my full attention all the way around the store. I didn't even sniff at the bread this week!
We all went to target to get a few items after school. Little sis was not having a good day. She got focused on wanting a toy and fell apart when it cost too much. She walked slowly with her body hunched over and her arms dangling almost to the floor. Lots of tears fell out of her eyes and she was making a choking sound. Mom told her to sit down and talk to me. She put her head on my shoulder for a few minutes and soon she stopped crying. Then she gave a big sigh and said she felt better. I gave her a nuzzle and then we continued on to the check-out. By the time we got there she was walking and breathing normally and helped unload the cart. Mom knows little sis used to get stuck for hours in her disappointments and having me there helped her cope with her feelings and get refocused.
My family picked me even though I wasn't wasn't free, 
and there is no where else I'd rather be,
I'm with my forever family! 

A year ago today I came here to stay,
I've learned so many things along the way,
Today we celebrate my Gotcha Day!

Yea, extra treats for me? And a belly rub? Please don't hug me, I don't really like that, but you can scratch me under my chin. Oh yea, right there, that feels great.  :)
Rocky the Wonderdog gets a belly rub
Mom and the girls took me to a grocery store. From the moment I walked in I knew it was different from the grocery isles at Target. There were more food smells and I couldn't help but sniff at the floor. I wanted to sniff everywhere but mom kept telling me to walk nice and sit tall. They only had to get a few things and went through the store pretty fast. Mom shops here often and staff smiled at her and commented that I was doing very well. But then, I saw it. I started to growl and then I barked! It was a large blue cow statue in the cheese department. Lots of  people laughed because they knew I thought it was alive.  Mom didn't let me check it out though and hustled me away. She said she might let me check it out next time if there are not cheese samples out. I guess I need lots more practice in this new environment!
Now that the winter mud is gone, mom has taken me to the off-leash outdoor dog park a couple of times. Yippee! I love running and meeting new dogs in the 9-acre fenced park. We followed another family through a second fence into a pond area. A flat coated retriever and another dog jumped right in and swam around. It looked like they were having a lot of fun. I sniffed at the water and tasted it, but I didn't want to get my feet wet. A few days later we went back again. This time I chased some ducks and I wanted to get to them, but I only got wet up to my ankles before jumping back out. I guess the Shar-Pei in me isn't fond of water. But there sure were lots of cool smells around the pond. I hope we go back soon!